• Mixing

    Let's face it, what makes you feel more alive than listening to a song and getting goosebumps?

    I’m not your average engineer. Due to my background as a musician I can draw on years of experience in producing, recording and mixing. What I love most about the job is when I hear my clients excited and happy about the mix, when they tell me they never thought their song could sound so big or so wide. I'm happy when you're happy. I also like to try new techniques and other things to get your projects the best sound possible. Rock, metal, pop, hip-hop, electronic music.

  • Mastering

    You want your recordings to sound modern and loud but not lifeless and distorted?

    After mixing, mastering is the final creative step before your music is released to the public.

    An essential aspect of mastering is to get the mix to a competitive volume. However, the small corrections that will make a difference in the final result are even more important. Every song and every mix has its peculiarities, due to genre and instrumentation, but of course also due to the work of the mixer or the recording studio. In order to make the mix sound good on all devices requires individual processing of the material in mastering.

  • Composition / Sound Design

    You want to bring your project to life?

    The right composition is the key. When it comes to music and sound it's all about imagination and empathy. Sound is the connection. By choosing the right instruments and creating the right atmosphere, we can offer new and powerful experience together.

    No matter if you need a modern hybrid orchestra, a rock,- pop,- or electro piece for your game/film or trailer, together we will find the right style for your unique project.

  • Drum processing / Re-Amping

    Your drum sound is too flat and not punchy enough?

    You want your MIDI drums and drum recordings to sound more alive? Get in touch with me. We get your drum sound to the next level.

    Your guitar sound is not what you want it to be?

    It lacks in punch or depth? I play guitar in a band and produced it myself, I know what is important for a modern guitar sound. I re-amp your guitars DI.


Beyond Good & Evil 2

Score Relief 2021

White Leaf - Between The Lines Single

White Leaf - Witness Single

White Leaf - Metaera EP

This is how our collaboration works

  • 1 You contact me and let me know how I can help you with your project. Any questions such as:
    • What is your vision for the song (reference track) ?
    • Did you record in a recording studio or produce everything completely by yourself?
    • Where do you want it to be released (streaming service like Spotify or ITunes, CD, Vinyl)?
    • What kind of file format do I need?
  • 2 I listen to your project and do a "rough mix". Then we have another meeting and discuss everything else, for example which direction to go in and how much freedom I have to add things and/or be creative with effects in order to get the best results.
  • 3 Once I feel I've reached a place I'm happy with, I'll send it to you so you can give your feedback. If I'm on the right track, I deliver final mix versions.
  • 4 I offer a free test master for every new customer with no strings attached, so you can check if your expectations are met without carrying any risk. Send me one of your songs and you will receive a mastered excerpt of your song back. In the master I give your productions the final touch and bring your sound to a professional level.


Michael Seifert
Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

There is a person behind every idea, every note played, every composition and every project. Music and sound always have a personality, and I think it is good to know with whom you share, create and implement your visions.

Ever since I can remember, music has fascinated me, the different emotions it evokes and the situations you associate with it.

At the age of 16 I fulfilled my dream of an own guitar and was fascinated by the sound and the creative possibilities it opened up for me. I started imagining little stories and situations to all sorts of different instrumental pieces very early.

From that moment on I knew that nothing fulfills me more than making music and creating worlds with sound and connect them with situations and emotions.